Use of Personal Information

1. Introduction

Dualtap Co., Ltd, (here after referred as “the Company”), recognizing the importance of personal information in our contemporary advanced information and telecommunications society, believe in the necessity of handling safely and appropriately all the personal information (for "person" see below), towards all that we, all the staff in charge of our customers and business partners involved, believe is an important social responsibility.
As a business operator handling customers personal information, the Company has established a personal information protection management system, that implement and improve the privacy policy.

2.Personal information purpose of use and handling

2.1 Use of personal information

The Company, in connection with its business activity (please refer to the business activities list below) will refer to the personal information provided for the purpose here stated:

1.To provide property information in relation to sales (by telephone, direct mail, etc)
2.To provide contract in relation to sales
3.To implement the after-sales service
4.To provide contract for property lease as an agent/broker
5.To respond to queries related to the contract for property lease management
6.To provide property management service
7.To provide building management service
8.To provide insurance contract for a residential warranty against defects
9.To provide fire insurance contract
10.For emergency communication
11.To implement our surveys on customer satisfaction
12.To provide with information about new opportunities and special services
13.To implement and provide the service relating to the clause above

All the personal information provided will not be used for purposes other than the above stated.
All the personal information provided will not be used without the consent of the person in question.

In addition, if the customer does not wish to provide personal information, he/she can refuse to provide personal information at his/her discretion.

2.2 Personal information provided to third parties

The Company may be in the need of providing customer personal information on third party, without the consent of the person in question, if:
1.Complying with law
2.There is a need for life or asset protection, but the consent of the person is difficult to obtain
3.For the improvement of public health and in order to promote the healthy development of minors, but the consent of the person is difficult to obtain
4.There is the need to cooperate with a local government, commission staff or agency staff for carrying out procedures prescribed by law and there is the risk to interfere with the office performance during the various application processes by obtaining the consent.

Of all the personal information held by the Company, customer’s name, affiliation (Company name, department name, etc.), job title, address, phone number, FAX number, e-mail address, telephone number, shall be revealed to the following parties in order to provide contracts, management, after service. Upon customer notification we will stop revealing them.

・Merged, split-up, transferred companies,
・Financial institutions
・Judicial scriveners
・Advertising company
・Building management providers
・Other building lots and transactions operators
・Insurance institutions
・Person appointed by customer
・Our partners that may be useful for customers

2.3 Shared use of personal information

The Company may need to use the personal information received in conjunction with the Company Group.

1.Type of personal information used in conjunction:
 Customer’s name - affiliation (Company name, department name, etc.) - job title - address - phone number - FAX number - e-mail address - telephone number - property information, and other information necessary for the purposes of the Company Group.
2.Company Group:
 Dualtap Co., Ltd. - Dualtap Property Management, Co., Ltd. - Dualtap International Co., Ltd. - Dualtap Gojinsha Building Management Co., Ltd.
3.Purposes of personal information use:
- To implement the after-sales service to customers as a Group
- To carry out various surveys on satisfaction of the customer Group-wide
- To guide the customer through the products and services within the Company Group
- To achieve the purposes the Company has published or notified at the time of acquisition.
4.Operators responsible for the management of personal information to be shared:
 Dualtap Co., Ltd.
5.How to obtain
 By writing, including web, e-mail address.

2.4 Safety management of personal information

Against unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage and other safety management issues, the Company has undertaken technical and physical security measures in order to build a personal information management system.

3.Use of personal information through the Company Website

3.1 Prevention of information leakage by third party

hen the customer provides personal information through the Company Website, in order to avoid unauthorized access of third parties, a SSL (secure sockets layer) service is in action to encrypt the information and ensure the transmission safety.

3.2 Web cookies and beacons

When a customer re-visits our Company Website, in order to make the browsing experience more pleasant, data called the “cookies” are sent and recorded on the customer’s hard disk. It should be noted that the cookie does not identify the individual customers.
It is always possible to refuse the reception of these type of data directly in the Internet browser software setting, but a standard Website navigation can not be guaranteed.
Web beacon, used in combination with cookies, is a technology placed on a Website, or in an e-mail, that is used to monitor the behavior of the user visiting the Website, or sending the e-mail. The Company does not use the Web beacon technology.

3.3 Protection of personal information in the linked Website

We can not be responsible for the security of personal information of other companies’s Websites linked to and from the Company's Website. With regard of personal information protection, please check the the destination link’s privacy policy.


For any questions, comments or further inquires about the use of personal information, please fell free to contact us:

1.telephone(Excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm)
TEL: 03-5795-2323

Dualtap Co., Ltd
2-16-41, Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0074

5.Procedures for customer’s personal information disclosure, correction or suspension of use

In case of personal information disclosure, a fee applies.
Please check the “Procedures” page.

6. Others

6.1 Compliance with the laws and regulations

The Company complies with national government guidelines and other laws and regulations regarding the use of personal information.

6.2 Changing in the "Use of Dualtap Co., Ltd. Personal Information” policy

Along with the revision of the national government Code of Conduct guidelines and other laws and regulations regarding the use of personal information, the Company may be required to change the Dualtap Co., Ltd “Use of personal information” policy.

Dualtap Co., Ltd.