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Hotel Promote.
This hotel is property of Dualtap Co., Ltd and it is located in Hakodate Shofu, 7 minutes walk from Hakodate Station. The Hotel is located in a strategic access point, convenient both for business and pleasure.
The Hotel equipment and facilities made this hotel very well ranked among our customers.

Property management

We want to provide comfortable apartment life

"We buy the property management" The unique support from Dualtap.

The key to maintain a high quality asset value is &quut;management &quut;. After our customer hold a property asset, we provide a variety of safe and high-quality services and management tools to maintain the integrity of the asset for a long time.

1Safe and
comfortable property
2Operating association management 3Maintenance 4Accounting
we take care of every complaints and carry on consultation in order to provide the customer with a comfortable apartment experience. We always work to solve problems from the customers' point of view. the business management union come with a wide variety of responsibility. We support and assist in total the operation of the General Assembly. we take care of building maintenance and facility management, together with the everyday building business management. we keep track of the payment, take care of the budget management, earnings and the administrative expenses related to the customer found and charges.
5Satisfaction 6Corresponding
8Web Service
in order to improve customer satisfaction, we have a close and strong communication with everyone among the management association. a specific department is devoted to handled the payment of the expenses. Other specialized departments back up for avoiding mistakes. we are supported by professional inspectors and first-class architects for a continuous checking of the properties status.
If the case, we will propose a meticulous long-term repair plan.
customers have access at any time to announcements and news, income and expenditure accounts, balance sheet, monthly management reports and management fees from the management company.

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Real estate securities

In order to meet the various needs of
our customers regarding the real estate property,
we can offer a solution in terms of asset value maximization.

Securitization of real estate

Real estate securitization market in Japan is growing rapidly and it is occupying a strong position among the capital markets. By using small lots on the investment scale, and offerings products that meet the needs of a wide variety of investors, it is possible to create new investment opportunities in real estate. The ”real estate securitization technique" achieves to an effective use of real estate, contributing to the formation of a high-quality stock. It is an effective technique to promote the activation of the market, due to inflows into the real estate market.
The risk is dispersed through the use of real estate securitization technique, bringing the added values of "small property", "transparency" and "liquidity".