Q.In case of a vacancy, how about the arrears missing payment?
A.In order to reduce the risk of vacancy for owner’s new purchase, Dualtap Co., Ltd has introduced a rental guarantee system.
In up to 35 years (automatically updated every two years), you can avoid the vacancy risk.
As for used equipment, the rental demand of a single person in Tokyo's 23 wards is higher than those supplies. Dualtap Co., Ltd property management only works with carefully selected properties, always maintaining a high occupancy rate.
Q.Would it be easy to sell afterwards?
A.With the serious concern about unpaid life insurance companies, pension anxiety and rapid exchange rate risk, the real estate rental business has become a boom trend as an asset to increase the long-term returns in a stable manner.
Thanks to the great location of our properties (such as those in Tokyo city, within 10 walk minutes distance from stations), the requests of purchasing property has not suffered neither from the tax increase, nor from the concerns about pension.
Q.How much would the apartment maintenance cost be?
A.Depending on the property, the administrative expenses will be around 10,000JPY per month.
We will take care of water charges, salary of building caretaker, common areas illumination, lift electricity bill, shared water. As a mansion and property and building management Company, we will take care of the overall management on the behalf of you, the owner.
Doing so, also not Tokyo resident owners can now purchase a property without concerns.
Q.Would an overall building maintenance (renovation/repair) be scheduled?
A.In order to maintain the original functionality and the beauty of the property, it is necessary to perform appropriate repair work at the right time.
Unlike single-family homes, at the time of the apartment completion a long-term repair plan of 20-35 years will be scheduled.
For example, iron part paint (such as fences) check after 3-5 years, ceiling and roof waterproof check, along with exterior wall check, after 9-11 years.
Large-scale repair work, administrative expenses and minor repairs will be managed by us, the management Company without troubling the owner.
Q.I am concerned about the outcomes for my family in case of a personal extreme emergency situation in the future.
A.In the unfortunate event the owner has passed away, the initial automatic subscription to life insurance group will give access to a specific insurance plan that will pay for you the remaining loan debt.
In addition, by taking advantage of financing, the building interest rates can be claimed on the tax return as a necessary expense.
Within 5 years of purchasing a new property, the net real estate income tends to be negative, thus customer will be able to benefit form the tax reduction merit.
The serious problem related to major insurance companies, collapses in recent years, is a considerable risk, so owning a premium location in Tokyo will become a safe life insurance asset for your family on a long term perspective.
Q.What happens if the property I have purchased is defective?
A.As the seller of new properties, it is mandatory to join a deposit insurance against defects.
Dualtap Co., Ltd has a subscription to the “Japan Housing Guarantee inspection” (JPN only: http://www.jio-kensa.co.jp/index.html) and to the “Organization for Housing Warranty Ltd” (ENG and JPN: http://www.mamoris.jp/en/)”.
Thanks to this, our customer owners do not have to worry about repair costs, even in case of defective properties.
In addition, since our focus is always on assuring quality, all our properties are screened under a “Housing performance evaluation report” (JPN only: http://www.jio-kensa.co.jp/inspection/performance/), to ensure the best housing offer.