Purchase procedures

The basic procedure flow, from the first agreement to the property ownership handover, will be as follows.

  • We offer a property management that is tailored to your life plan.
  • After having decided the desired rooms or properties, you will fill out the application form.
Bank loan
  • 1.With Dualtap Co., Ltd mediation, the financing process
      will involve filling in the application documents with the required information.
      The necessary documents will be announced separately
      (such as the registered seal, salary statement, resident card, taxation and certificates).
      Dualtap will provide assistance in the financing process.
  • 2.After the loan approval, the date for the loan release will be determined.
Sales and Purchase Contract conclusion - Loan Agreement
  • ■ Sales and Purchase Contract conclusion
  • 1.Please prepare the registered seal and earnest deposit money
  • 2.We will read through the Description of Important Matters.
  • 3.We will conclude Sale and Purchase Contract.
  • 4.We will conclude either Rental Guarantee Agreement or Property Management Agreement.
  • 5.You will fill in the application form for the insurance contract.
  • ■ Loan Agreement conclusion
  • 1.In case customer obtain loan,
      the Agreement between the client and the financing institution shall be concluded.
  • 2.The required documents for registration procedures will be filled in.
Initial Costs and outstanding balance payment
  • 1.he customer will transfer the Initial Cost to our designated bank account.
      It should be noted that the amount billed is approximate.
      If excesses or deficiencies occur, you will be notified accordingly.
  • 2.The outstanding balance shall be remitted to our designated bank account.
Key handover
  • 1.The rent income starts on the key handover day.
      The rent remittance is calculated based on the month’s remaining days.
  • 2.Once all the registration procedures is completed,
      a registration identification information notice will be sent to customer.
After-sales services
  • 1.Exclusive sales representative will be at your assistance.
  • 2.A monthly remittance notice is sent to each customer.
  • 3.Licensed tax accountant firm is introduced to customer fro annual tax return
  • 4.Insurance review, latest information and trends regarding the property management,
      the real estate market and also pension measures consultations will be provided.