Benefits of property management

Because of the subprime problem derived by the Lehman Brothers collapse, the current global crisis has having a significant impact on our lives. And while the economy globalization continued to progress, the income growth stays behind and nation debt is increasing. In this scenario, the economic outlook is really uncertain.
The social security is getting obscure as well, leading people to start privately protecting themselves while the retirement age is approaching.

老後の生活が心配…84% でも 老後の資金計画は特にない72% 公的年金はあてにならない…81.8% でも 年金がいくらもらえるか調べた事がない79% 公的年金だけでは老後に生活は難しい…72.5% でも 資産が1000万以下72% ※大手生命保険会社がリタイアメント・ライフに関して退職者の約6万人におこなった調査より。


The purpose of the property management,
with regards to the owning a secondary property, is about how to manage the rental revenues.

  • For office workers and civil servants, it is a safe and easy management service.
  • It is fairly hassle free as customers do not have to worry about stock share ups and downs fluctuations.
  • It will be a stable source of income in addition to the public pension.
  • 短期的な転売目的/大きな自己資金(ハイリスク)→大きな転売益(ハイリターン)
  • 節税目的の物件選び/資産価値ではなく、短期的な節税効果のみで物件選び
  • 根拠のない物件の価格設定(バブル)、ギャンブル性が高い


  • 長期所有による家賃収入/少ない自己資金(ローリスク)→長期的に安定した収入(ロングミドルリターン)
  • 生命保険目的の物件購入/長期的な生命保険効果を目的とした物件購入
  • 立地・設備と収益還元法に基づく適正な価格設定、価格変動が少ない
For the Dualtap Co., Ltd customers:

The collapse of the pension system and the subsequent collapse of major life insurance could be a scenario we may have to face in the near future. Dualtap Co., Ltd tailor-made property management proposes a professional life concierge support that will meet our customers needs at best. For yourself and for the future of your family, please consider this opportunity as we offer a service from which you will always be satisfied.

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