1. The basic policy of compliance

Dualtap Co., Ltd employee Code of Conduct - 10 Articles:

Art.1 Comply with laws and regulations
Art 2. Promote the communication with the society
Art 3. Collaborate with the local government
Art 4. Contribute to the environmental protection
Art 5. Acquire the customer’s trust
Art 6. Establish a trust relationship with the business partners
Art 7. Create an environment of self-realization for the employees
Art 8. Understand and support the investors and fund providers
Art 9. Have an healthy relationship with the politics and the administration Art 10. Prevent from "Anti-Social Forces (“ASF")"

2. Basic Policy for the "Anti-Social Forces”

Dualtap Co., Ltd. declares the following basic policy in order to prevent damages caused by groups or individuals, so-called "Anti-Social Forces ("ASF")", that pursue economic benefit by making full use of violence, force and fraudulent means.

  1. Dualtap Co., Ltd. will cut off the relationship, including possible deals, with all the anti-social forces.
  2. If necessary, Dualtap Co., Ltd. will reject the unreasonable demands from antisocial forces by taking action according to the law.
  3. All executives and employees will resolutely work towards not having any relations with ASF.
  4. The Company will work with specialized agencies, such as police office and attorneys, to properly handle and prevent damages caused by ASF.
  5. The Company will not give benefits or make backstage deal with ASF.