Social contribution activities


With the aim of enriching the world, Dualtap Co., Ltd. contribute to society through our Corporate activities.

01 Clean Energy

Dualtap Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of our environmental impact and we, as a Company, will practice all the possible efforts for protecting the environment.<
As energy resource for our house development, we are planning to install solar panels on the roof of the apartments.
The energy saving coming from an energy efficient system will also reduce the administrative costs, increasing the profitability for our customer owners.

02 Reconstruction assistance

Dualtap Co., Ltd. employees have established an internal fund raising for the Great East Earthquake disaster.
The donations are collected and sent monthly.
In order to overcome current Japan national crisis, we will continue giving our little assistance to whom in need as much as possible also in the future.


For making effective use of our planet limited resources, Dualtap Co., Ltd. supports “Ecocap”, the initiative aimed to recycle the bottle’s small cap.
The hard plastic caps are made by a really valuable material.
With the sales price we are helping in covering the vaccine cost of children in developing countries.
Participating to this activity also rises the environmental consciousness among employees, tying up the environment sensibility with the inter-generational organizations.

04 Support and Recruit

Dualtap Co., Ltd. supports Tokyo Children and Family service organizations by fundraising and also giving them opportunity for Company site visit and job offer prospect.