Company philosophy

- I’m glad I purchased a real estate -

To help our customers to think and feel in this way, we, Dualtap Co., Ltd, propose an "intellectual entertainment through real estate". Most of the people does not see a link between the "intellectual entertainment" and the "real estate investment". However, for our interpretation and vision they are closely related. Because we believe that the "entertainment" is a way to smile, and we want to contribute to the happiness of our customers through the sale of real estate.
The creation of happiness, the smile, is our corporate philosophy foundation and we will work to bring this feeling to all our customers.

Three promises for a successful intellectual entertainment

■One guideline

All staff, including the executive officers, has always to be a gentlemen and behave accordingly. It is more than an attitude, it is a way of living, a way of behaving in front of the customer, in front of all people, a way of seeking an ideal image based on respect and civility. His/Her actions follow a way of conduct that he/she is never ashamed of.

■Two elements

In so many case the world can be read as a constant balancing between two elements. Yin and Yang, front and back, and old and new. Some, following the law of action and reaction, lead to similar or very opposite directions, other keep their relationship close.
The “Dualtap" Company name is a coined word that combines "Dual (duality)” and “tap” (attach, connect).
We achieve 2 elements: aesthetic and function, needs for the young and merits for the elderly.

■Three pillars

We have set up three pillars in order to create a high-quality relationship with our customers: ”Strong", "Gentle" and “Entertaining".

The investment has to be “Strong" in terms of both revenue and building structure. The strong value of the real estate will build a strong asset for the customer.
The follow-up and attitude towards customers has to be “Gentle", as well as towards colleagues and the staff’s family needs (such as birthday vacation for the staff. spouse or loved one).

The proposal has to be “Entertaining”. Our business is to bring excitement and smiles to our customers.

Thanks to our Company philosophy, focused on these three core points and values, we, Dualtap Co., Ltd, want to work and contribute to our society.