Group overview

We, Dualtap Co., Ltd,
want to create "intellectual entertainment through the real estate”.

We would like to contribute to the well-being of our customers through the sale of high quality real estate properties. As stated in our corporate philosophy, the efforts of one person can bring the smile to many people, so we are confident we can help our customers in their personal and financial development.

  • Dualtap
  • Dualtap Property Management
  • D-style+
  • All in one rent
  • Dualtap International
  • Dualtap Asset Management
  • Dualtap Gojinsya Building Management

1. Dualtap Property Management Co., Ltd

・“D-style Plus” of “All in one rent”
Services offered:
— rental housing mediations;
— interior design;
— furniture planning and sales;
— room’s total coordination;

Dualtap Property Management Co., Ltd offers guidance not only through the best Tokyo rental property list, but also in general through the property management. With the added service "All in one rent”, our main store “D-style Plus” can provide proposals for room and apartments renewals, interior coordination, furniture research and support. Listening to the customers needs and desires, we are committed to offer the most fitting solution for our customers satisfaction. “D-style Plus” of “All in one rent” work together with each customer to make an “house” become “home”.

2. Dualtap International Co., Ltd.

Services offered:
・Consulting on overseas real estate;
・Overseas real estate leasing;
・Japanese companies overseas expansion support;

For customers with a global perspective, we can tailor and support investment plan overseas, based on our unique customers’ needs. Being in charge of overseas real estate for exclusive sales in Japan, allows us to be aware of the latest trends and information that can be acquired only thanks to our strong network with local developers. Our service goes beyond a simply introduction to the overseas real estate offer, and includes a complete guidance to the real estate purchase management with a visit before and after the purchase, thanks to the support of our subsidiary Company (Dualtap Malaysia) and our local agents.

3. Dualtap Gojinsha Building Management Co., Ltd

Services offered:
・Buildings and apartments integrated facilities management
  (facility management business and janitorial)
・Other property management support services

The environment surrounding the building management business is always changing.
Dualtap Gojinsha Building Management Co., Ltd aims to achieve "safety", "peace of mind" and "comfortable" for all our customers involved. We will take care of the diverse needs of owners and tenants, committed to offer our services and attentive management for the best customer satisfaction.
Our goal is to created a comfortable environment both in the apartment and in the building.